How to report a problem

Standard PostScript diagnostic messages are, usually, insufficient to identify the problem. Diagnostics of PDF problems is even more difficult. Recent versions of Adobe Acrobat don't show error messages at all. The errors are either silently auto-corrected, or the file is rejected as broken beyond repair. Usually, a consultant must have your files and perform some tests to investigate the problem. For instance, one can add debug output to trace the flow operation in the file.

Thus, the sample file is absolutely necessary for successful resolution of your issue. If possible, create a small file: delete insignificant objects in your graphic application and choose small images. Please compress your files for further reduction of the file size. The tracker accepts up to 5 attachments, up to 20MB each. Put larger files on a FTP/HTTP server for download.

The tracker

A submission of a problem report is just a request for a free estimate. It doesn't imply any obligations on your part.