/undefined in /RD

This problem can be caused by incorrect embedded Type 1 font in PDF files or PostScript files generated from PDF. Adobe Acrobat doesn't interpret Type 1 font as a PostScript program. Instead, it extracts relevant information using keyword search and discards the rest. As a result, many problems in Type 1 fonts may be left unnoticed, until the file is printed on a PS printer. Define the following procedures in userdict to work around the problem.

/RD { string currentfile exch readstring pop } executeonly def
/ND { noaccess def } executeonly def
/NP { noaccess put } executeonly def

PageMaker 7.0 page information fails in level 1 mode

PageMaker 7.0 with Page Information printer's mark set ON generates incorrect PostScript files in level 1 mode. The file fails with /invalidaccess in get or typecheck in get on any interpreter, regardless of the level.

The problem is caused by interaction between PageMaker prolog and Windows driver code. To print separations Adobe redefines a few operators, including setcolorspace and uses them even in level 1 mode. PostScript driver assumes that setcolorspace has no place in Level 1 PostScript and redefines it as {pop} as a precaution, erasing the earlier definition.


To fix the file, this definition should be removed or commented out.